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About Us

Sana Edutech is into App development business for eight years catering Education and E-Commerce.
We ensure great customer orientation and quality deliverables in helping your business reach next level via custom made Android Apps.

E-Com Apps

Our E-com based Android solution helps you in taking your business to the next level helping you staying ahead of the competition. We customize and provide you eCommerce Android apps catering your specific business needs.

Educational Apps

More than 250+ Educational apps listed in Google Playstore, enhancing knowledge of 7 million students in past eight years. Our apps have an average Playstore rating of 4.5+ adding thousands of users on daily base.
Our Android apps secure top listing in Google playstore for competitive exams like RRB, NDA, CDS, TNPSC, KAS, WBPSC, CTET and few more.

Customized Apps

We have the best mobile app developers to deliver your projects on time and maintain the top-notch code-standards. Tell us what you want, we deliver the apps in perfection. We enhance our App user's day to day life as well we empower our partners growing their business through our contents and custom-built-apps

Our best propositions for you!

An Android app will give you a competitive advantage today. In the coming years, everyone will have a mobile app. So it is in your best interest to create one now, that way you’ll have a head start on everyone else who was late to the party.

Why have your own Android app for business ?

•Mobile commerce is trending up.
•Improve marketing communication
•Increase average order value
•Customer retention, loyalty
•Reduce cart abandonment rates
•Enhanced customer service
•Increased retention rates
•Convenience, faster
•Better shopping experience

What we deliver

E-com App Features

Include Registration, Receiving orders, Branding, Social media integration, Direct call/emails, Wishlist, Product search, Shopping cart orders, Payment gateway, Easy check out and Offline-catalog browsing of your product gallery.

Educational Apps

Learning, revising and taking online exams over App is not only an awesome experience; it is a proven fact that it helps in reducing your exam preparation time by 35%. We assure students the best learning experience with our apps.

Simple and Powerful UI

Exactly what the user wants gets tailored and presented in a lucid way in our apps. Simple and fast user-experience is guaranteed in all our apps

Scalability and Continuous improvement

We strive hard continuously in improving quality of our contents and the apps we deliver. .

Perfect Design

Let it be your own eCom app, eBook, online Quiz, Video lecture, Product catalog app or be any digital content. We know presenting it in a perfect design that benefits the end user in Android

Best Industry Leader

We are proud to announce that our Educational apps rank #1 in India for all online exam preparations, that include RRB, NDA, AFCAT, CDS like exams as well School Olympiad exams

Online Support

Any business needs that you have or suggestions to our apps, kindly write to us at We value our customers and we will investigate all possible ways to support you.




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App Screenshots

“I m very lucky to find such useful app on playstore by far this is the best app grt knowledge and lots of effort has been put.....i appreciate the creater of this app and all peoples who work for this app god bless all keep updating”

SakshamAnand Agarwal

App user (RRB)

“ The greatest app for RRB exam ..every practice set is full of knowledge... ”

S Kumar Chopra

App user (RRB)

“EXCELLENT" I didn't realize this APP had a audio reader, now I can listen to history and ancient times with my headphones and close my eyes when they get tired.....nice work!”

Jesse B

App user (World History)

“This app is like a blessing in disguise for me. It's really informative. ☺☺☺ 5 stars are not enough , even 10000000000000 stars won't be sufficient ”

Barun Kumar Jha

App user

"Great app...bulk study materials and more practice questions.....👍👍👍"

Midhun Vijay

App user (TNPSC)

“It is very good app and well developed. It improves thinking capacity. Such a nice app !!”

Naveen Kumar

App user (KAS)